Mt.P meets Detroit

Who knew that you could experience so much in only two short days. The amount of inspiring, eye-opening, and learning experiences that I had on this trip was something that in some parts can’t describe in words. This was one of those times that you could only learn through experience and living through it to […]

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Finding My ‘Why” Statement

When you go through your daily life, do you ever stop and think of why you’re doing something? What is the purpose of the action that you are carrying out? Realizing you’re meaning behind everything you do is the first step in finding your why statement and the Ted Talk by Simon Sinek: How Great […]

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Stay You, Stay Beautiful

In today’s society, there are many mediums that can carry out messages and stories that can impact others immensely. One of the most popular and current sources of information and entertainment is the American video sharing website, YouTube. I have been on YouTube for as long as Iย canย remember. I would say that I watch youtube […]

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My Rush Experience

My entire life, I have been somewhat of a reserved person. I don’t like showing people my entire personality until I really get to know them because I have always feared the judgment of others. As a child, I grew up with one sister and then I had a few neighbors that were on my […]

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Encouraging the Heart

Being a leader in whatever you do, you always have to think of others before yourself. The way that you treat the people that you are leading is very vital in the way that they are going to carry out their work. Providing support and positive feedback is giving people the reassurance that they are […]

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