My Passions


I have always been involved in student government throughout my years in grade school. I was class officer for three years during high school, in my school’s student council for three years as well, I even took into my own initiative to go outside of my comfort zone and attend a week long leadership camp over summer. fullsizerender-2Now, I just want to talk about this life changing experience that I had also know as Summer Leadership camp(SL Camp). Now, you may ask, “What even is a leadership camp?”. Well, as a student leader, you can go to this week long camp over summer ran by MASC/MAHS whfullsizerenderich Michigan Association of Student Councils and Honors Societies. On the first day as you arrive, you get an assigned color in which will be your council. Each person is placed into their own council of approximately 20 kids and each council is led by a junior counselor and a senior counselor. fullsizerender-5
You go throughout the entire week with your council and get to bond with them through leadership activities and its all a good chance to learn about yourself as a leader and gain skills that you can take back to you school as well as life in general. Something that really impacted me throughout the week was the relationships that I made while I was there. My council was some of the most passionate and truly kind people that I have ever met in my life and they will forever have a special place in my heart. It was a great experience for mw to really go outside of my comfort zone and create bonds with people that you wouldn’t have had otherwise. This ultimately led me to really think about applying for the Leader Advancement Scholarship at CMU in which brought me here to where I am today as a leader on my college campus!


My entire life, I have always been one of the kids that love to entertain people and make them smile and I still am today. Music has been one of biggest  passions throughout my life and has definitely shaped me into the person I am today. In about sixth grade I sang in front of people for the first time in my music class and from that moment I had always loved the excitement of it and the smiles that I put on people’s faces from singing. I started singing in talent shows starting in eighth grade and then participated in my school’s singing competitions in high school. Being up on stage and singing has always given me that rush of adrenaline that I thrive for. Hearing the crowd roar overtime I walk out on stage gave me such a feeling of gratitude. I get to do something that I love while entertaining people for their enjoyment. fullsizerender-3My sophomore year of high school I really stepped out of my comfort zone and went out on a limb and auditioned for NBC’s “The Voice”. I was very nervous because I had never done something this serious before. I thought that even if I didn’t make it pass any rounds that it would be a great experience either way. I auditioned that year and to my surprise, I advanced pass two of the three preliminary rounds of the the show! This gave me such a great feeling knowing that I was able to get that far. I then auditioned again the next year to try another time,, but unfortunately I was unable to get pass that second round again. Although, I wasn’t able to succeed to where I wanted to, that just gave me the motivation to practice and work harder to get farther next time and eventually make it as a finalist on the show!


Another one of my absolute passions is expressing myself through the beautiful art known as dance. Dancing has always been, for me, a way to express myself in a way that is different than any other way. Although I had never been in competitive dance, I have always loved doing it on my own. Sophomore year in high school, I took the initiative to take a hip hop class that was once a week for an entire year. It was such great experience for me because it was something that I loved to do and then I got to perform our routine that we had been working on all year. img_0633There’s also this dance choreographer that I watch on Youtube and I learn different dances from his channel. Spring break of my senior year in high school, I went to California and took a class with him. That was such an unforgettable experience for me because I was able to take a class with so many professionals and it really made me wish that I had started dancing when I was younger. To this day, I absolutely love dancing and one of my biggest regrets is definitely the fact that I hadn’t danced competitively when I was younger. It honestly is something that I wish I dedicated my time to because it give me the joy that not many other things do. One of my dreams is to move out to California when I get older and hopefully I can start taking more classes because dance is something that I always want to have incorporated into my life.