Coming into college, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I mean, I still have absolutely no idea what I want to do with my life. At first everyone always asked me what my major was and what I wanted to do as a career. I ended up just settling with Psychology because I liked the subject, it interested me, and I felt like it was a good starting point. As I ventured my way through my first semester at CMU, I began to think about the things I would want to do with Psychology, what career can I make out of it, would I enjoy doing something with that degree? I began to realize that honestly could not see myself following through with this major mainly because I just wasn’t passionate enough about it. I started to think of my passions; what I loved to do in life and what made me happy. I started to realize that ever since I started my Youtube channel over this past summer, that it gave something that made me different, something that was interesting to me and it had many different aspects that sparked my interest. I knew that I wanted to do something that was creative, expressive, and entertaining.stockphoto1 I decided to then think about what major would allow me to explore those interests and I came across the major of Broadcasting and Cinematic Arts (BCA). I began to talk to some of my friends that are currently in that field and they gave me some suggestions of what I should do if I was interested in it. I knew that as I go into the next semester that I wanted to start to take some courses that would give me a taste of BCA and give me the opportunity to learn a little more about it.

Coming into second semester I realized that, although broadcasting would be fun, I didn’t really feel right pursuing that major. I thought that the things that I would want to do with the major are things that I feel wouldn’t need as much intensive work to achieve what I would want to do in the entertainment business. I started looking at all the different majors out there and something that I had thought about but never actually looked into was the field of public relations. I had several conversations with my parents and I decided to give it a try and take a couple classes that could get my feet wet in what I may want to do with my future. For those who don’t know what public relations is, to sum it up, public relations or PR is someone who is the person within a company or business that creates that relationship with the targeted audience. The major at CMU is specifically called Integrated Public Relations. It’s a special kind of program because it involves three different fields that make up the entire major. Throughout my time at Central I will be taking various Broadcasting, Communication, and Journalism courses in which will all help me better my skills into becoming the best PR specialist that I can be. As of October 2017, I officially have signed my major in Integrated Public Relations. I am so excited to start diving into this major and learn and develop skills that will allow me to strive and succeed in the future.

As I was exploring minors, I knew that as a Leader Advancement Scholar, that I wanted to minor in Leadership, given I would only have to take one additional course in order to satisfy the minor.asl-1 I also wanted to minor in American Sign Language, even though it doesn’t directly correlate with BCA, it was something that I was passionate about learning and I thought that it would be a fantastic skill to have and I could definitely use it in the future, especially when I choose to become a certified interpreter.