Dear Chad,

Dear Chad,

The time has come. All your hard work and dedication has finally paid off and you are almost off to this new chapter in your life. You’ll dance at your last prom, you’ll take that last exam, you’ll walk down the halls of your high school one last time, and soon enough you’ll be handed that diploma as you walk across the stage at graduation. As you go through all of these memorable events and go into the summer, here are some things I was told or have experienced that I want you to know before you come to college!

  • Like I said before, cherish those “last” moments in high school with your friends because in a few months you’ll all be going your separate ways. Time flies and you probably already know that, but make sure you spend time with those who you won’t see everyday anymore because life will go on but the memories will stay with you forever.
  • Relating to the last one, as much as you may be excited to go to college this fall, make the most out of the rest of your senior year and this summer because college will be there waiting for you, but the time you spend with your friends is priceless.
  • Okay, now moving onto some realness, SAVE YOUR MONEY! If you don’t already have one, get a job this summer and keep track of your spendings because college is expensive as is, but somehow we all end up losing all of our money throughout the first semester!
  • Go to the LAS pool party over summer! This is a great way to not only connect with your cohort before the year begins, but it allows you to meet some of the mentors too! ( and we are all excited to meet you!)
  • Set goals for yourself. Setting goals whether they be academically or socially, are so important because they give you something to strive for and that way you can be motivated to accomplish those goals.


Now, as much as we don’t like to think about it, summer goes by fast. And for some reason, this summer before your freshman year goes by faster than most, so here are somethings that I was told and things that I experienced that may help you as you enter your first year at Central!

  • Go to MAINSTAGE! If you don’t know what MainStage is, it’s a huge “activity fair” during welcome weekend where all the different clubs and organizations set up booths and it allows you to see what you might want to get involved in. Find a RSO that you might be interested. Also, you don’t have to join a of million clubs, just find the one’s that you’ll be passionate about and you can dedicate your time to.
  • Spend time connecting and making memories with your cohort because your freshman year flies by and then next year you won’t be a walk down the hallway from everyone anymore.
  • With that being said, being around everyone 24/7 can be overwhelming sometimes, so find another group or even just one other person outside of LAS to take a breather when things get tense and stressful within your cohort. ( trust me it will happen).
  • There WILL be days when you don’t want to go, but GO to class. It is so much harder trying to catch up than actually going to class.
  • No matter how much sleep you get, somehow you’ll always end up being tired. So, take those naps throughout the day, but also stay up late and have fun with your friend every once in awhile.
  • Utilize all the study spaces, explore around campus and find the one that makes you most comfortable.
  • From personal experience this past year, KEEP EXERCISING! The freshman 15 doesn’t have to be a reality, but for many it is and it sneaks up on you and it’s hard to come back from it.
  • But…make sure you treat yourself ever once in awhile. Go get yourself those chicken fries from Burger King or that steak dinner at Texas Roadhouse (and take me with you) 🙂
  • Say “yes” to new experiences and great opportunities. Do the things that scare you because that’s the only way you’ll grow as a leader and as a person.
  • And finally… You have to create your own opportunities, they won’t always find you.


I hope that these help you a little bit when you are preparing and getting excited for the fall! I also want to tell you a few things that I will do for you as a mentor not only in LAS but throughout your time at CMU.

  • First of all, I want you to know that you can come to me for literally anything. I can be a mentor, a friend, or someone you just need to vent to and I’ll listen.
  • I will be there if you need help with scheduling classes, creating your four year plan, or someone to figure out what there doing in their life with (because I still have no idea)
  • I will be someone to answer every single question that you have and if I don’t know it, I will do everything in my power to find that answer for you.
  • I will be someone to eat with, study with, and take L’s with. (and trust me, there will be many, but that’s how you learn and grow!)
  • I will give advice, encourage you and challenge you in every different way, but most of all…
  • I will be there, I will be present, and I will support you in everything that you do.

I cannot wait to have you at Central in the fall and I can’t express how proud I am of you already. Whether it’s the things that you have accomplished throughout high school or it’s being selected to be on CVFC for your college career, I am so excited to see how you will grow as a leader and as a person throughout the next four years. I hope that you are ready for this great adventure ahead of you and I’m glad that I get to be a part of your journey as your mentor. Stay you and be true to yourself. Take chances, make mistakes, and always know that everyone at Central will be there for you. Get pumped, get hype, and Fire Up Chips!



Kyle Jennings (your Mentor)




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