Greek Community Unites for Two Great Causes

Every year, the entire Greek community comes together for a week and we all support a philanthropy and raise money for them through various activities. This year, we had the pleasure to raise money for two amazing philanthropies, one being the Isabella County Child Advocacy Center and then other was for The Kristy Malter Memorial Fund. These were two philanthropies that, as a Greek community, felt very passionate about and wanted to do as much we can to raise money for them.

Back in the previous fall semester, every fraternity, sorority and multicultural fraternity/sororities got paired together and that would be your group for Greek Week. This means that in all the different events, whether it be Greek Olympics or Money Wars, you work together with your partner fraternity/sorority and try and raise the most money.This is also the group that you get to perform with at Mock Rock at the end of the week celebration. Just a brief explanation of what Mock Rock is…

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Mock Rock 2017

Mock Rock is an event that the entire week leads up to on Friday. Each group of greek chapters create a 10 minute dance and perform it at mock rock. There is an overall theme that everyone has which this year it was: Key Words. So each group got a key word that would be what all there songs were based off of. My fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, was paired with the wonderful ladies of Delta Zeta and the guys of Alpha Phi Alpha. Our key word was ‘Baby’ so all of the songs that we would dance to had to have the word baby in it. There were long nights of rehearsals, emotions were high, but I honestly couldn’t have had made it through the week without all my brothers.

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I just want to use this time to really express how much fun I truly had with everyone; my brothers and the sisters of Delta Zeta.

  • Ladies of Delta Zeta…Coming into Greek Week, I had no idea what to expect. Our chapters have never really had any prior interaction with one another so there was nothing but excitement to get to know you for the week to come! I thought it would be awkward, but it was everything but. Throughout the week, the encouragement I received from all of you made me feel so welcomed. The positive words and uplifting spirits created such an exhilarating vibe throughout the week and that was just what we needed during the stressful times and late nights. I also want to give a spotlight to the best dance partner I could honestly ever ask for, Gina Soave. I can’t explain the passion that this girl has and the amount of dedication she displays. Although she had to teach some of the choreography and I was w/o a partner for a little bit, she was patient with me when we came back together as duo and we created a special friendship. Much love her and the other beautiful women of Delta Zeta. Despite the final outcome, I couldn’t have had a better first Mock Rock and that comes from the bottom of my heart when I say how much of a blast I had!
  • Now for the brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon…I don’t even know where to start when describing my first greek week with all of you. I just want to first thank all of you for putting up with all my dancing throughout the week because sometimes whenever I hear music, my body just goes into an uncontrollable spasm of random dance moves. Besides from that, I just wanted to say that everyone had such a great attitude throughout the week as well, even when some of you weren’t rehearsing at all times or weren’t able to do be in some of the dances, you kept a positive attitude and was always putting your best foot forward. The effort that I saw from everyone during the week was something that just made me feel so happy because it was great seeing you not have a care in the world and just dance. I also want to give a few shoutouts and the first being Edgar and Puma. Puma, your encouraging words throughout the week and your drive to do the best during the week was something that really showed me how much you care for all of us. The fact that this was my first and last greek week with you is something that is so unbelievable and I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work throughout the year and during the week. Now Edgar, this week really showed how much of leader you are and you are truly inspiring to me. Working with you throughout the week on the choreography was something that I will always remember and I feel like we really got to grow closer and I’m excited for what you have to bring to the table as we prepare for next year. Also want to give a shout out to the “Scream Squad”, “The Jackson 5”, and the “Bye Bye Bye Boys” for killing it at their dances, so proud! All of you guys were the reason for making this week one of my favorite weeks of the entire year and I can’t thank you enough for that.
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Scream Squad (Men’s Hard Dance)

Greek Week was something that was truly an unforgettable experience that I will cherish with me forever. I couldn’t ask for better partners, better friends, or better brothers in my life. This week was about spreading love and raising money for two amazing philanthropies and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of the Greek Community here at CMU. As a Greek Community, we raised $83,500 for The Kristy Malter Memorial Fund and the Isabella County Child Advocacy Center. This was not only more than what was raised last year, but it surpassed all expectations. Being able to connect with so many people throughout the week and knowing that we made a difference was something that was just so amazing. Accomplishing this much in only one week shows how much you can do if you come together as a community.



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