Thoughts on Being a Mentor

When I think of what a mentor is, the first thing that comes to mind is someone who can help another person by giving them their knowledge and wisdom within a certain topic or experience. I think of someone who can be almost a role model for that person. As I am finishing out my first year at CMU, I think back to when I was a senior in high school. I was nervous yet so excited to start this whole new journey at a university in which I knew I would accomplish great things at.

I originally thought that a mentor is someone who just gives advice and is there whenever you need them, but from experiencing the love and care that I have received from all the mentors that I have here at Central, I know that being a mentor is much more than that. Something that I really benefited from was having an actual “workshop” for being the best mentor that you can be. Being able to hear what other people had as experiences with their mentor and listening to different things that we can do better as future mentors was really great to hear. My thoughts haven’t exactly changed since then, but I would say they were definitely enhanced in the fact that there is so much more that I want to do as a mentor for my mentee before they even step foot onto campus.

Coming into college, I feel so lucky to have been involved with the leadership institute especially because it gave me a mentor that I could look up to. I think that everyone entering this new chapter of their life should have a mentor, but I’m just so thankful to have had someone to be there when I needed help. This year, I had a unique experience with my mentor because for half the year he was away in California for the Disney College Program. Part of me was absolutely excited and proud of him for achieving something that he really wanted and worked hard for, but the other half was quite sad that I wasn’t going to experience half of my freshman year with him. Although, we kept in touch, it was just a different experience not having him on campus with me. With that said, I’m not only excited to have him back in the fall, but I am even more excited to now have my own mentee! Something I look forward to the most is just being that person that they can go to for anything. I think that by having this program, we need to take advantage of that and be not only a mentor to them, but also be one of their first friends before even starting the school year.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetRecently, I found out who I will be mentoring in the fall and I am so excited to say that I will a mentor to the one and only, Chad Novak! He is such an amazing leader and I know that he will only become a better one once he comes to CMU in the fall. I want to be the best mentor for him because I know that he deserves it. As someone who has an entire year of experience of being here on campus, I am starting to prepare myself to take on this mentor role for next year. Making sure that I’m present in preparing him for the college over summer and keeping in touch is something that I will strive to do. One of my goals is to ensure that he can ask me anything and I want to also give him advice on things that he wouldn’t think of asking. My overall goal is to just be present in his life and make sure that he has everything that he needs to succeed here at CMU!


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