A Diversity of Leaders

Throughout my life, I have gained the knowledge that their are many different kinds of leaders. Whether it be their personality or their leadership style, everyone has their own way of being a leader. One day in my leadership class, we had the pleasure to hear the stories of a few different leaders that are currently on CMU’s Women’s Soccer team. These ladies displayed their different ways of being a leader and how affective each one had on their teammates as their team captains.

leadership-stylesOne of the girls described her leadership style as being, not necessarily in command, but she said that she was very vocal when leading the team and she would be more of a leader that had to get the team together and make sure everyone is doing what they’re supposed to be doing on and off the field. This portrayed an extroverted type of leader and I feel like in certain situations, being someone who is vocal and someone that people can look up to is very important, especially in a team setting. By leading the team and being that person to step up and gather everyone together, she explained that just because you are loud, it doesn’t mean you are leader, but being someone that people admire and trust to lead the team, is something that you should always strive to do.

Extroverted and Introverted Leadership

On the other end of the spectrum, their other captain had a different way of leading the team. She was definitely a more reserved person and explained how she doesn’t really like to command the attention. She said that she liked to be a leader for the team by caring for each person individually and giving encouragement to them. This displayed more of an introverted leader in which she wasn’t always standing up and telling everyone what to do, but she was always saying kind things and encouraging the other girls on the team during practice or on the field. I believe that being this kind of leader is so important as well because at least for me personally, kind words can go a long way when boosting someone’s confidence.

As you go through different life events, you will come across various leadership styles and personalities. By having these different styles of leading, it creates a dynamic quality within a group because they are being pushed in different ways. It’s so important to have those different leadership styles in order to adapt to different  personalities because some people react better to someone who is confident and taking charge while others respond better to individual care and compassion. I took away such an important message that it doesn’t matter what kind of leader you are because every need to be led in different ways that pertain to them. Just because you’re not always up in the front and telling people what to do doesn’t mean you aren’t a leader. The same way if you’re always vocal and loud, that doesn’t mean that you’re controlling. It all comes down to adapting to your followers and being there for them and creating the best unified team possible.


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