Learning lesson through tough experiences (HST110L)

Spring semester of your freshman year; the time where everything begins picking up the pace. The first semester was definitely for learning and adapting to the new world that is college, but once you have that first few months under your belt, the stress level definitely increases as you move forward. As part of our LAS protocol for freshman year, we had to take HST110L, The American Experience. I was very reluctant to the fact that I have never liked history to the point where it would probably be most least favorite subject, therefore making it my hardest subject. What we did in class was something different from what my other history classes that I have taken in the past. It wasn’t as interactive, which made it tough for me to learn and focus, but this was something that I was able to be challenged by in this class. It was one of those things that I had to adapt to if I was going to be successful. frustrated cartoonAs the semester went on, I ended doubting myself in whether I was going to do well or not, just because of the fact that I wasn’t doing well on some assignments and I was never aware of what my grade was to be. This was very frustrating to all of us because you would think that the job of a professor would be to help their students succeed, but in this case, we were going to be the reason for our success. We had to adapt to the factor of never knowing our grade by trying to ignore that and focus on being educated and doing the best to our ability. c889b6e8538440b0bcde23601a8610b1--adversity-quotes-lessons-learnedWhat I was able to gain from this class wasn’t really what I necessarily learned from the content of the course, but more of life experiences and learning from your mistakes. Having to study more than what I was used to and having to interpret the assignments in my own way was definitely a challenge because there was never a clear standing of what each assignment was supposed to portray, but that was something that us as leaders needed to adapt to and think outside of the box to compensate for the lack of knowledge. I definitely learned that in college you may not love every course that you take or the content which was presented within each class, but you have to make the most out of it and try your hardest to use every bit of effort to achieve the final goal.




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