Thoughts Before I Enter the City of Detroit

As I entered my journey of being a Leader Advancement Scholar, I looked at all of the different things that I would be experiencing during my time at CMU. I noticed that as a cohort during our second semester freshman year that we would be going on a trip to Detroit. I saw pictures from last year, but other than that, I didn’t really know what exactly we were going to be doing. This whole trip made me really excited because I had been to Detroit before, but not for an educational or life enriching experience.

aerial_view_of_downtown_detroit_and_rennaissance_centerAs I said before, I hadn’t been to Detroit to really explore or get a feel of what it is all about, despite the fact that I’ve lived in Michigan my entire life. I always knew that there was a long history of various issues that the city have acquired throughout the year. I honestly don’t really know much about the specific problems that are within the city of Detroit other than what my parents have told me or what I’ve seen on the news. Not being very educated has me even more excited to really dive in and get the chance to really get the opportunity of interacting with people who call Detroit their home.

As part of LAS, we are going on the annual trip as a freshman class and we call it LAS in the D. We are going down to Detroit and we get the honor to be in the presence of the students and faculty members of Jalen Rose Leadership Academy located in Northwest of Detroit. We get the opportunity to interact with he students their through leadership activities as well as just getting the chance to speak with them and being inspired by them. detroit_downtown_sports_zone_2013I think that something that I will get out of this experience is just getting the chance to show them some of things that we do in our leadership class at CMU and being able to see them grow while also growing ourselves. It’ll be a great way to really educate myself in what I’ve never really known much about. Really immersing myself into this environment will be beneficial in understanding the actual issues that are happening now and it will allow me to understand what I can do to help going forward into the future. I’m very excited to have this opportunity to meet new people and connect with the students at Jalen Rose.


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