Finding My ‘Why” Statement

When you go through your daily life, do you ever stop and think of why you’re doing something? What is the purpose of the action that you are carrying out? Realizing the meaning behind everything you do is the first step in finding your why statement and the Ted Talk by Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action.

One of the main things that his whole TED talk is based off of is something called ‘The Golden Cricle’. The basis of the Golden Circle is the way leaders should go about doing things within your life. It has three parts to it: What, How, and Why. It is basically a simple way to break down our ideas and thoughts when we are doing something in our lives. While most people start with the what statement, good leaders start from the middle and ask themselves why they are doing something. Everyone can ask themselves what they’re doing, but it all boils down to how and especially why are you doing something.

goldencircleOnce I was finished taking in all what he was portraying with the diagram, I began to analyze different aspects in my life and how I can start thinking of the why and the reason behind everything I do. In LDR 200, we went deeper and talked more about how leaders can be impacted by thinking from the inside to out of the ‘Golden Circle’. We talked to one other person and wrote down our values and beliefs, as wells a our interest and what we are passionate about in life. By doing this, we could really get an idea of what our purpose was in life. After we talked through all of the different aspects in our lives, we were asked to create our own ‘Why Statement’. It would start with, “leaders inspire others…” and it had to be a statement in which we believe is something that we live by and want to achieve in our lives. I looked at the things in my life that I value and I believe are most important. I began to think that everyday I love seeing people smile and laugh. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to do what they love and dream big. And finally, I value the fact of stepping out of your comfort zone because by doing things that you’re afraid of doing, only makes you a better person and it allows growth as a persona and a leader. So, in the end, I created my ‘Why Statement’ and it is…

“Leaders inspire others to laugh, dream big, and to step out of their comfort zone.”


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