Does Leadership come from a “yes” or “no”?

Leadership is something that I have always had trouble defining. Its something that can have all different kinds of meanings and interpretations. Leadership, I believe, is something that everyone has within themselves, but it’s how you choose to display your leadership to the the rest of the world.

When it comes to the theory of whether the concept of leadership is derived from the acts of a yes or a no, I believe that there is no definite answer to this question, but I do think that one outweighs the other in terms of how much it influences the ideas of There are so many things in life where the word ‘no’ impacts your way of motivation because I feel that when someone tells you no or says you can’t do something, that is just more motivation to prove them wrong and succeed to your highest ability. Although, ‘no’ can impact someone’s motivation or persistence, I think that by saying ‘yes’, it can open up so many doors and opportunities so I believe that leadership and life in general are built off of the word ‘yes’.

There is so much power within the word ‘yes’. daniel-bryan-yesYes tells people that you believe in them and they can do it! It ensures people that they are capable of doing something. Leadership is inspiring others and encouraging others with your words. ‘Yes’ can bring on so many possibilities. It allows you to explore so many different adventures. If you are thinking about doing something, but you’re not sure because it’s outside your comfort zone. Saying “yes” to new experiences strengthens your ability to not think so much about it as well as grow your knowledge of something that you wouldn’t have know before if you had said “no”.

Learning happens when you follow the path of saying “yes” to new things. It allows you make mistakes and learn from them where as if you had said “no” to an experience, you would never know what the outcome could have been. And also by saying “yes” can help your followers grow as individuals because like I said before, it encourages them and it shows them that if you are saying “yes” to learning and to new experiences, they will follow you and believe that they can do something too.

Overall, both words are very powerful in positive ways, but by letting go of “no”, you can let other people or yourself learn, grow, and discover new possibilities and allow them or yourself to experience success as well as failure in life.



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