Encouraging the Heart

Being a leader in whatever you do, you always have to think of others before yourself. The way that you treat the people that you are leading is very vital in the way that they are going to carry out their work. Providing support and positive feedback is giving people the reassurance that they are doing a good job.

511c1oz2ivl-_sx330_bo1204203200_As our project for the semester in LDR100, we were put into different groups and assigned a book to read. Each book was guided towards leadership and different ways we can be a better one and the different concepts that can result in better self actualization. My group got the chance to read the book, “Encouraging the Heart”. As we read this book, we realized that, despite the title, it was mainly about how encouraging others and giving positive feedback to people will ultimately result in better work ethic. As part of our presentation, we did a little activity/experiment in which we broke the class into two different groups and gave them a task that they had to do in a certain amount of time. One group we gave them positive quotes at their seat when they at down and also during the activity, we went around and gave encouraging and uplifting comments to that team, the other group we didn’t give any reassurance of how good of a job that they did and we kinda just left them to do the task on their own. We found that the group that had the encouragement resulted in a more cal environment somewhat and they were more motivated to get the task completed while the other team was kinda jus trying to get through the activity because they didn’t have any positivity to their work that they were doing.encourage-synonyms

Through this project, I learned that as a leader, whether it be in the work force or just in general, working with a group, in order to get the best results, you have to reassure that your employees or group member are doing a good job and give them constructive advice to how to improve. They have to have a sense of achievement by giving them encouragement because then they will actually be motivated if they know that they are capable of completing a task. Being part of a team is a lot more than just getting a task done, its how you work together and how the leader of the group conducts their team members as an entire unit. Having an optimistic attitude and “Encouraging the Heart” is the key to a better working environment and creates motivation to carry out the best results that your team can accomplish.


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