Discovering the Psychological Reasoning Behind Leadership (PSY 100L)

As part of our LAS protocol, we as a cohort had to take PSY100L together which is intro to psychology with a concentration in leadership. Coming into it, I kinda felt like I wasn’t going to get much out of it because I had taken AP Psychology the semester before in high school. I was still interested to see if we were going tolerant anything that I hadn’t already learned. psychology-101_100313_largeAs the semester went on, I realized that although a lot of the material was very familiar, we went more in-depth on certain topics than what I had done in the past. Being able to have this class with my cohort definitely was the reason behind making this class enjoyable. We would all help each other out if we didn’t understand something and we would all get together before an exam and work on the practice exams with each other. All in all, taking this class a freshman and with my LAS cohort definitely helped me with my time management skills and really knowing how to study for exams. It also gave me the knowledge of how to apply psychological concepts and apply to real life and working with others when it comes to leadership.



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