Let’s Have a Friendly Debate(COM267L)

Before entering this class, I was fairly excited because my entire life, I had always loved to debate and be a part of arguments because I always thought that I was somewhat good at holding my own in 1ba4f1416fb3620f50b0adb74dca178aan argument. I was interested to learn how to debate and really get an idea of how to argue about a topic. Once I got into the class, I honestly was kind of let down by the fact that it wasn’t as interesting as I was hoping it would be. We learned a little bit about the different debating styles and learned some techniques of arguing, but most of the class was very tedious and uneventful.
We took notes almost everyday and that was about it. Other than having two actual debates, we didn’t really get to have any interactive content throughout the semester which I was pretty excited about doing. debateWe didn’t have many times where we could apply what we were learning in any activities or simulations, we mainly just talked about the content and then had a test on it. What I was hoping to gain from this class was a real-life experience of debating, and using our knowledge through different activities and projects. Although it wasn’t all what I thought it would be, I definitely did gain the knowledge of how different debating styles work as well learning about different logical fallacies and advertisement persuasion techniques which can both help in the future. I do think that this class would be good to have as an elective, but as a requirement, I feel like I wasn’t able to gain out of the class what I should have.



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