Leadership is Action, Not Position (Spark Leadership)

Spark Leadership is an entire day of joining together with leaders from all around campus and spending the day getting to know each other and the different types of leadership styles that they have. As a part of my leadership advancement scholarship, it is required that we go to one of the spark leadership conferences that is put on by the Leadership Institute each semester. Whether it was required or not, I knew that I wanted to go to Spark because I have always loved going to these types of conferences because it not only gives you an opportunity to meet different people, but it gives you a better understanding and more knowledge about different kinds of leadership in which I strive to learn more about each and every day.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Throughout the day, we were put into an assigned group that we would do various activities with. As the day went on we were able to really get to know the people in our group and understand how each other is able to lead. During Spark, we did several different activities that involved team work, communication, as well as some self-reflection. We worked on finding our ways when talking about how we lead a group and how we want to get a task done.

After been through this experience, I learned that there are several different kinds of leadership styles and that each person needs another person who has a different way of leading for a group to function to its highest potential. I definitely was able to grasp a better understanding of how people are able to lead in their own way and that not just one way is better than another. It also gave me a great opportunity to meet other leaders from outside of LAS and it was really great to interact with others who are passionate about making difference in the world.


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