CMU Leadership Safari

As I entered this entirely new world of opportunities and experiences, I had no idea what I was getting into. Before coming into college, I was feeling a whirl of emotions from being excited to being quite terrified. As I was thinking about college and the fact that this time has finally come, I realized that I was more anxious than anything. Luckily, CMU had this amazing program called Leadership Safari which is an incoming freshman and transfer student, 5 day, welcoming program that allows students who are coming to CMU to get to know the campus and know what Central is all about.

On move in day, you get all settled into your dorm and then at night there is a welcoming ceremony and you get to meet your team leader as well as your safari team. This team is a group of approximately 10 students that are all in the same boat as you, coming into to CMU as a new college student and you get to go through the whole week with them and you get to conquer several different tasks as a group, learn what it means to be a leader, and most of all, make everlasting relationships.

Team Snake Conquered the Challenge Course

As I went into Leadership Safari, I personally thought that I couldn’t help compare it to a leadership camp that I had gone to the previous summer. Not only was it entirely different, but it gave a different aspect about learning about other things than just different leaderships styles. Throughout the week we did various activities with our group, as an individual, and with the entire student body that attended. We also had several speakers each day that gave a message to us regarding topics from finding yourself and what you want to accomplish in your life to helping us with the transition into college. Each day we were able to gain relationships with not only our team, but with other people that you were able to encounter through different activities.

Team Snake Selfie

Something that I took away from this experience was not only the fact that I was able to gain a better understanding of what CMU was all about and get to know the campus better, but it gave me the opportunities to interact with and work together with people I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I’m so happy that I was able to take on this experience with my safari group as well as the many others that I had met that week because I now have gained 11 new people that I could call my friends as I entered my journey throughout the next four years here at CMU!


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